What is NXT Form?

NXT Form is an end-to-end digital platform which automates repetitive processes and eliminates the hassle of switching between multiple tools.

Agencies report their tenant application processing times are reduced by around 30%... saving up to $22,000 per year, per Property Manager.

NXT Form user interface screengrab

With NXT Form you can finally say goodbye to juggling phone calls, emails and attachments, spreadsheets, and hardcopy paperwork!

Key features

NXT Form user interface - tenant application

Every NXT Form feature is designed to make tenant application processing quicker and easier.

Streamlined, custom branded application form

Tenants enjoy a quick, easy and consistent brand experience with your own bespoke imagery, logos and colour palette.

Fully integrated, end-to-end paperless solution

Everything is in the one place, not scattered across multiple emails, attachments, spreadsheets and hardcopies.

Automated income assessment

Our simple visual rating of each applicant's ability to service the rent means you don't have to do all the calculations in your head.

Coming soon

Automated reference processing

Referees are contacted immediately and followed up if necessary to avoid delays. No manual emails or phone calls!

Automated landlord pre-approval

A report of key applicant details is generated for Landlord review - to avoid delays once the references come back OK.

Coming soon

Real-time verification of identity and rental history

For compliance and risk management, you can verify applicant identification documents and run a TICA check in a few clicks .

Automated applicant management

Everyone is automatically notified of their application outcome so you don't have to handle all the emails manually.

Full communications activity log

One-click access to a full list of every email sent to every applicant so your whole team knows exactly what's going on.

How does it work?

Our automation technology simplifies your workflow into 5 easy steps:

First, tenants apply via your streamlined, custom branded application form

Once submitted, we automatically invite any co-tenants to apply, and request the references. No phone calls or manual emails required!

Request pre-approval in one click

Our "QuickView" summary of key details helps you decide at a glance which applicants appear promising. When you're happy, NXT Form will send a brief report to the Landlord for pre-approval.

Coming soon

Review automated references

We'll notify you as rental and employment references arrive, which you can quickly approve or reject.

Check TICA and verify identity in seconds

If the references look good, rental histories and identity documents can be verified in a few clicks.

Finally, approve with one last click!

No need to waste time chasing up the landlord once they've already given pre-approval. All applicants are automatically notified, including those who were unsuccessful.

Yes it's really that easy with NXT Form.

Agency benefits

Property Management agencies are facing massive workloads and increased expectations from both landlords and tenants.

Greater demands on already stretched employees impacts morale, driving staff turnover costs and reducing efficiency.

NXT Form is an integrated, user-friendly digital solution for the top 3 priorities of Property Management agencies:

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

NXT Form's proprietary automation technology massively reduces the time and stress involved in managing tenant applications.

Create sustainable processes

Create sustainable processes

Our integrated digital platform means a much simpler, easier to understand workflow for existing staff, and less training for new hires.

Upskill & retain staff

Upskill & retain staff

Technology is rapidly disrupting the property sector and research shows your team is more likely to stay if they are acquiring valuable new skills.

Meet our team

We're a small but highly experienced team based in Brisbane, Australia.

We're super passionate about making your life easier as a busy Property Managers... Please let us know if you'd like to get in touch.

Ian Parke


Ian has extensive leadership, strategic and sales experience across startups in the fin-tech, prop-tech and risk management sectors in Australia and the US.

Sam Smith


Sam leverages his experience with several global consultancies to manage day-to-day operations and culture plus business development opportunities.

Thomas James


Tom's experience in Consulting, Enterprise B2B & Geospatial software delvery helps guide our technology team and build an engineering culture focused on achieving product vision.

Anna Humeniuk

Head of Customer insights & Engagement

Anna’s experience at various scales across multiple property management sectors provides critical insights and execution strategies for client acquisition and growth.

Ben Rich

Head of Strategy and Revenue

Ben has a proven track record in building a multi-million dollar startup across the energy and connection sectors, and is responsible for negotiating strategic integration partnerships.

Warren Prasek

Head of Product Design

Warren has been creating user-centric digital product experiences for 20 years in AU and the UK, focusing on B2B/C SaaS platforms for startups, agencies & enterprise.

Strategic partnerships

We're proud members of PropTech Association Australia and work closely with several other key players we can't reveal just yet... stay tuned for some big news in this space.

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